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Digital Services

Social Media

The ever-changing landscape of social media demands a marketing team that understands the principals of successful one to many and one on one social communication. Our experts have spoken internationally and been asked to speak at social media and marketing conferences around the world to marketing professionals and businesses on how to best use social media to drive new sales, increase brand lift and maximize social engagement.

Social media properties like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and others reach millions of potential customers and open up new opportunities to keep your core repeat customers engaged. And now, with social media ranking so highly in search importance, the links and dynamic content distribution also add extreme value to any SEO efforts as well.

We build social media plans that are integrally interwoven with your web site and event marketing while also including high quality sticky media like videos and photos that magnify your marketing message. With the right mix of linking, liking, sharing, posting, friending, commenting and  promoting. We make you a social media rock star!!


SEO – Search engine optimization is the art of online content building, mixed with research, analytics, link building and social media. And despite what you may have been told, SEO is more science than art, although art is certainly a factor of time on page, which is considered in the search algorithm.

At SpinWidgets, we plan SEO based on a list of qualified keywords and competitive research. We execute above-board SEO campaigns that mimic aggressive natural link building and best practices optimization. We believe in following Googles webmaster guidelines for link building and SEO, and we are constantly updating our procedures to stay in line with their recommendations.

Our first priority is Google optimization, since the Google search engine accounts for close to 80% of all local search at the time of writing this page. Although it should also be stated here that Bing and Yahoo follow right along eventually and are also considered proportionately valuable.

Organic search is of primary importance to the success of any web site, and site owners are encouraged to optimize their web properties to at least a minimum level, including site submissions to search engines and at least some linking strategy.

Paid Search

Paid search marketing is where you may instantly be the very first business seen for any given keyword, or search term by buying “clicks.” this system is called CPC or cost per click. Key words range from .20 to 12.00 in price, CPC and campaigns may be geo-targeted (by zip code or region) day-parted (displayed only at certain times of the day) and targeted many other ways as well. Our CPC team specializes in tracking keywords and conversions to optimize your campaign for optimum results and roi.

Paid search marketing also includes display marketing, which allows us to place banner ads on any one of more than 450,000 of the top sites in the US. Wether checking their email or cruising Facebook, we can reach your target audience anywhere in the world, on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

Email Marketing

SpinWidgets designs and deploys sophisticated email marketing campaigns and landing page integrations that allow you to segregate and manage separate lists, customize emails, and actively promote and grow your marketing.

Email marketing consistently provides the highest ROI of any digital advertising method. That said, we think great care should be spent deciding what objectives you have for email and how to successfully execute your email marketing.

Want to send an email that calls your customer by first name or tells them what their guess was in that last murder mystery you threw? Including dynamic content and personalizing email leads to higher engagement and better ROI.  Stuff like that is what we excel in. Well that and make-you-look-like-a-million-bucks-fu!


In surveys, consumers state overwhelmingly that they prefer to receive marketing messages by SMS to email. Maybe there is something about a streamlined message that is instantly digestible with a clear value to the consumer that makes people prefer this.

In today’s fast-paced world, SMS marketing instantly connects you to your most engaged consumers and influencers.  We like, and highly recommend incorporating some kind of sms strategy in your digital marketing.

App Development

At SpinWidgets, we specialize in all things digital, including native application development, HTML5, mobile sites and adaptive web design. Depending on your needs, we will advise you as to the best method of mobile app development. We personally taylor your solution for your customer and their needs as well as your budget!

A native app might be needed for larger organizations that wish to customize the app experience on a device level with native hardware integrations, such as GPS or accelerometer support. But with a price tag of 20 – 250k, the native app is still somewhat out of the range of the small to mid sized business. For more limited budget constraints, we prefer to make a web-based app or develop a whole site to be screen adaptive, which negates the overall need for a separate mobile site or application by combining mobile AND web strategy.

The process of design, feedback, consumer research, data gathering, programing and launching any kind of mobile strategy requires an extensive knowledge of mobile technology and best practices as well as intuitive designing and efficient client communication.

Print Services

Our graphic designers are fluent in a little practiced ninja art that we like to call make-you-look-like-a-million-bucks-fu. We design custom packaging, letterhead, business cards, signage, sell sheets, tickets, flyers, rack cards, coupons, newspaper, magazine, vehicle wraps and everything in the printerverse.

Having print design in-house, we are able to ensure that your consistent brand representation goes hand in hand with your website and all of your marketing materials. Our experience in print design ensures that you look great all the time and have an effective message on every touch point.

We handle every aspect of print from concept to production, ensuring that you get the result you need in the timeframe you expect. SpinWidgets is the full service print design and fulfillment agency that will bring your job in looking great, on time and on budget.

Web Services

Not all sites are created equal. But you knew that right? There are aspects of web design that if not addressed will make your site all but invisible to search engines and almost worthless. And if usability and function is paramount to your conversion ratio (which it is) then you might want to consider hiring the experts at SpinWidgets that know what it takes to make your site successful.

Our web services span from site design and user experience improvement to search engine optimization and and all aspects of  marketing online. That is why we are the preferred digital agency  for several of the largest players in the travel industry. Our ability to hit the ground running with campaigns that quickly gain traction and produce results makes us the premium choice for all of your web needs.

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