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SpinWidgets Web Design & MarketingS pinWidgets Sedona Web Design & Marketing

We are a group of out of the box thinkers that are skilled in the ways of the Spinja. SpinWidgets was born in social media from cutting-edge open social widget and social marketing campaigns from some of the world’s best known brands, and is a cutting-edge development company based in Arizona.

The professional designers, photographers and programmers that comprise the SpinWidgets team are a motivated and creative group of individuals with extreme dedication to achieving the best result possible in the least amount of time. Our constant goal remains to wow every customer every time. Period.


We are proud to announce that SpinWidgets has been around longer than dirt (well in internet years.) 10 great years of excellence!

Today, SpinWidgets is a full-service marketing and interactive design agency, building state of the art websites, landing pages, mobile sites and marketing campaigns that get results! And with more than 40 years combined experience in web development and online marketing, SpinWidgets capabilities now range from interactive tours to animation, search engine optimization and of course, social media marketing (plus so much more.) We also now offer services pertaining to print design, email marketing, word of mouth marketing, technology consulting, branding and much more.

Countries Served

We are a multi-national company, serving clients across the globe and supporting over 26 languages. Point being is that we understand the needs of international and multi-national cross-platform marketing strategies and search engine optimization to the point where we can launch intercontinental marketing efforts in any vertical.

SpinWidgets - Sedona Marketing and Web Design

Josh Gray

Chief Imagination and Creativity Officer

SpinWidgets CEO and Project Director Josh Gray is a trench-tested social media expert, having worked for top-100 sites and handling marketing and development for several top-flight clients such as Sony BMG, Purina, Kohls, Dreamworks and many others.

Gray has also been recognized in several marketing publications and has been a featured public speaker at events such as Web 2.0, Affilicon and CAP Euro, to name a few. Josh has sat on multiple IAB boards, influencing and helping to create the standards and best practices in social media and mobile advertising that we follow today.

As a former Airman with the United States Air Force, Josh has learned to pursue excellence in all he does. Clients know him for his exceptional eye for detail, his uncompromising attention to quality and his consistent, timely and professional results.


From The Foundry

The SpinWidgets design and marketing blog is written and maintained by SpinWidgets Director of Creativity and Imagination, Josh Gray.