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Blazin’ M Ranch

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Blazin’ M Ranch

In 2010, Blazin’ M Ranch engaged with SpinWidgets to design and install a new online booking system and update the look and feel of the homepage. We set up a new online booking system that, 2 years later, is still working like a clock. We fully integrated both the booking system and payment platform into their site and designed their new coupon and concierge marketing platforms. For email and organizational systems, we chose Google Apps. SpinWidgets set up new tracking systems for every program and handled in-house training and support. As it turns out, the network at the ranch was also an operational sticking point. SpinWidgets, with the assistance of Tyler McCallum Networking redesigned an industrial-strength network that has stayed consistent and strong.

SpinWidgets was also tasked with refreshing the Blazin’ M image. So starting with the logo redesign, we took every piece of marketing material and gave them a new, more exciting look. The result has been a steady increase of business each year totaling more than 20% and a more than 300% increase in web traffic. This was achieved by cutting out most print advertising, and focusing on content marketing and direct marketing strategies. To view the live site click here.

Snapshot of Blazin’ M before re-design:


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